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​CAS-X320 Series

  • Washdown Indicator

  • Highest Environmental Protection Rating IP69/68

  • Impact Resistant

  • Manufactured with High Tech Composite Alloy

  • Encapsulated Components

  • Capacitive Keyboard-Knife, Scissor, and Sharp Tool Proof

  • Connect up to 4-350 ohm Load Cells

  • Checkweighing Annunciators

  • Supplied Bi-directional RS-232 Serial Port

  • Lb/oz/g-Unit Switchable or Fixed Unit(lb/oz/kg/g/ton)

  • Stainless Desk/Wall Mount Included

  • CAS X320B includes battery and recharger

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​CI-2001 Series

  • Compact & Simple Indicator

  • RS-232C Standard

  • Power - AC Adapter (6V-12V)

  • Single Pass Automatic Span Calibration

  • RFI / EMI screened / Watch Dog Function

  • Easy to Read Bright Red Display

  • Kg/lb Switch

  • Wall/Panel Mount

  • Legal for Trade

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​CI-200 Series

  • Available in hardened plastic NEMA 12 enclosure and 304 stainless steel IP67 enclosure

  • AC or DC operation

  • Choice of dry cell or rechargeable battery

  • Full function numeric keypad

  • ID capabilities

  • RS-232 output

  • Time and date

  • Accumulation and counting capabilities

  • Hi/Lo alarm

  • Weight back up

  • Over/Under/Accept annunciators (CI-200SC)

  • Wall/desk mount included

  • Choose the "Quick Connect" load cell connector or Universal load cell connector for the CI-200S/CI-200SC

  • Legal for trade - COC# 11-026


1280 Enterprise™ Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

  • Graphical color display that adjusts for ambient light conditions

  • Highly customizable graphical user interface

  • Three different enclosure types: universal with tilt stand, panel mount and wall mount

  • Resistive color touchscreen that can be used with gloves

  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode or use an external keyboard

  • Multi-language operation and text entry

  • Keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation

  • More than 150 built-in functions for programming

  • Customize applications and data tables with iRite™ software

  • Built-in web server for remote access, systems integration and data monitoring

  • Up to eight scales supporting five scale types:

    • Analog load cell scales

    • Total scales

    • Serial scales

    • Program scales

    • iQUBE²® scales

  • Multi-range/interval weighing functions

  • Eight digital I/O for control and pulse count

  • 100 setpoints, 18 configurable setpoint types

  • 22 softkeys with 10 user-defined

  • Two RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports

  • USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi Direct® and Bluetooth® ports


920i® Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

Standard Features

  • LCD display, (W x H) 4.6 in x 3.4 in

  • Selectable character sizes from 0.25 in to 1.2 in

  • 60 configurable operator prompts

  • Display up to four scale channels per screen with required Legal for Trade information

  • 32 scale accumulators

  • Five softkeys with 10 user-defined, 14 preset functions per screen

  • Ten programmable display screens

  • Millivolt calibration, five-point linearization and geographical calibration

  • NEMA Type 4X/IP66 stainless steel enclosure

  • Selectable A/D measurement rate up to 960/second

  • 100 setpoints, 30 configurable setpoint types

  • Two slots for option cards

  • 1,000-ID truck register for in/out weighing

  • 64 K user on-board NV RAM

  • User programmable 128 K flash memory

  • Reflash memory to upgrade firmware

  • Power for 16 350-ohm load cells per A/D board

  • Local-remote indicators

  • Multi range/interval

  • Alibi™ storage

  • Audit trail tracking

  • Peak hold

  • Rate of change


882IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator

  • 0.8in, seven-digit, seven-segment LCD display with white LED backlight

  • Stainless steel IP66 enclosure

  • T4 temperature rating

  • Front panel digital calibration

  • Automatic zero and span temperature compensation

  • Excitation for four 350-ohm or eight 700-ohm load cells

  • Gross/tare/net computation

  • Tilt stand

  • Numeric keypad (882IS Plus only)

  • Duplex fiber optic interface

  • Power ON/OFF; battery save mode

  • I/O module option: one serial port, optional analog outputs, optional fieldbus cards

  • Time & date (requires I/O module)

  • FM Entity Approved for use in hazardous locations per Rice Lake Weighing Systems control drawing file number 180948

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