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Our licensed staff and technicians can install systems to better serve your business needs while controlling cost and efficiency. 

  • ATS Automated Truck Scale Systems

  • Box Labeling Systems

  • Drum Weighting Systems

  • Grading/Classifying/Sortation Systems

  • In-Motion Weighting

  • Truck scale systems


We specialize in keeping your scales in 100% top operating condition by offering regular scheduled preventative maintenance and appropriate calibrations.  Let us quote you on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual calibration intervals. 

  • Calibration available for all types of scales and systems

  • Certified Calibrations

  • Accurate results to keep your business running efficiently 

  • Texas State certified weights used




Repair of balances, platforms, indicators and other scales whether its on site or in our workshop, repairs will be performed by one of our trained staff technicians.  An emergency loaner and rental equipment is available to keep your operation running.

  • Safety oriented team members

  • Team of trained and certified technicians licensed by the State of Texas Department of Weights and Measurements

  • In- house repair service available

  • Heavy duty test trucks available for industrial scale repair and calibrations

  • Replacement parts in stock for quick repairs



We have scales to rent out for a day or an extended time period.

Scale rentals include delivery to your facility, setup, training, and pickup.


  • Counting Scale Rentals

  • Platform Scale Rentals - Maybe a platform scale is what you need for those big jobs.

  • Component Counters Rentals (CC-15)- You can now rent component counters (Axial / Radial or SMD).



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